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Photo: Cameroon’s Minister of Forestry and Wildlife Ngole Philip Ngwese and CIFOR Director General Peter Holmgren attend the Sustainable Forest Management in Central Africa conference in Yaoundé, Cameroon, in May 2013. The conference, which was attended by more than 500 delegates, was one of 12 special events organized to mark CIFOR’s 20th anniversary.

CIFOR’s communications and outreach program takes research out of the library and puts it into policy and practice – turning information into knowledge.

Sharing Knowledge Across the World

In 2013, CIFOR had a major presence at more than 50 events, all aimed at sharing our research and translating policy into practice. The communications department organized and co-hosted seminars, policy lunches, workshops, major regional and international conferences – and the inaugural Global Landscapes Forum with more than 1200 participants.

Building Capacity in Science Communication

In 2013, CIFOR held media training in the Congo Basin, Peru and Zambia, to give journalists a deeper understanding of the science from experts in the field. In Indonesia, 96 scientists attended two media workshops to improve their skills in presenting and communicating their research. In addition, in partnership with the Forest Research and Development Agency (FORDA) of the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry, CIFOR trained 16 FORDA employees in policy and research communication.

“In a country like Peru, there are few opportunities for an in-depth debate with policymakers and experts. So this training session was not only very valuable for me, but also a very good example of how it is possible to help media to deal with complex themes.”

Zoraida Portillo
Peru Correspondent, SciDevNet

Building International Networks

CIFOR’s social media channels received unprecedented attention in 2013 — including more than 118,000 views of presentations on SlideShare, putting CIFOR’s content into the most viewed 1% in the world.

Increases in social media in 2013


> 200000

Number of hits on CIFOR’s rare footage of the private moments of a critically endangered Javan leopard

Most Popular in 2013

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Postcards from the Field, insights into the thoughts and experiences of forestry researchers, formed part of CIFOR’s special coverage of the Amazon in 2013.

“You realize that human activity always affects the forest, and to realize that I too am part of this effect is a challenge.”

Olivia Revilla, research student, Peru